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  Reckless Driving, Driving Under the Influence (DUI) & Traffic Ticket Defense     It is important to have an experienced traffic attorney representing you through the court process who understands the traffic laws and the defenses when you are charged with Reckless Driving, Driving Under the Influence (DUI, also known as driving while intoxicated, DWI), Driving on a Suspended License, or any of the myriad moving violations in Virginia.

  Often, people are not aware of the significant penalties associated with a Reckless Driving conviction in Virginia. The legislature in Virginia has made the various offenses constituting Reckless Driving a Class One misdemeanor, which is punishable up to one year in jail and/or loss of driving privilege. A conviction for Reckless Driving, even when no jail time is imposed or loss of license occurs, still constitutes a Class One misdemeanor conviction. Other Class One misdemeanors include, but are not limited to Trespassing, Possession of Marijuana, Assault and Battery, and Driving Under the Influence.

   If you are charged with any moving violation in Virginia, you should consider hiring an attorney to represent you through the system.  Mark C. Locke has zealously represented clients with speeding tickets, moving violations, accident cases, DUIs  and virtually all other moving violations for over 15 years.

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