A husband and wife considering separation and/or divorce may resolve some or all of the issues between them by agreement.  Issues not resolved may be submitted to a court for ruling.  When minor children are involved, typically courts determine custody and visitation first.  Once those issues have been determined, the court ascertains the nature, character and value of the parties' property and applies the equitable distribution model to determine how to divide or allocate marital property.  Thereafter, the court determines the issues of spousal support, child support and attorney fees as applicable.

    Mr. Lyden has over 18 years experience representing clients in all facets of divorce and post-divorce issues, both in negotiating toward an agreement resolving all issues as well as in litigating all issues.  He uses his knowledge and experience to ensure clients understand the issues, make informed decisions and achieve the best results given the full set of circumstances.  Mr. Lyden will ask questions and provide alternative options for consideration.  He will  critically review potential outcomes and make recommendations, providing explanation to the client.  Mr. Lyden will then execute the client's directions.


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