Estate Planning

  No one wants to think about passing away, much less plan for the event.  Unfortunately, many people pass away without making the necessary arrangements, resulting in the individual’s estate being disbursed to unintended beneficiaries.  If a person dies in Virginia without a will, the individual's estate is disbursed in accordance with the state’s intestacy statute.  The law does not consider the quality of the relationship between the parties, even if one of the family members is completely estranged.   When the funds go through this intestate process, they may become subject to the avoidable claims of third parties including attorneys, guardians ad litem, commissioners, compensated "executors", etc.    The purpose of the estate plan is to ensure that your hard-earned money passes to your intended beneficiaries in the most cost effective and efficient way as reasonably possible.  

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The purpose of the initial estate planning session is to discuss necessary arrangements to cover many different situations.  From a relationship outside of the legal definition of marriage, to a marriage between individuals with different estate sizes or children from different relationships, we can help.  We can address situations where a child has poor spending habits, substance abuse problems, or is otherwise completely responsible but too young to manage the funds in their own name.  We can deal with special situations, such a individuals with disabilities or the issues surrounding the disinheriting of an heir.  Call us today to begin navigating through the estate planning process.

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